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Average payment plan information

Simplify your budget by enrolling in the average payment plan. You can’t predict the Kansas weather, but the average payment plan can help you manage your monthly bill. The average payment plan balances the seasonal highs and lows of your bill and helps you manage your household budget by reducing the likelihood of an extremely high jump in your monthly bill. The average payment plan allows you to pay a monthly bill based on the average cost of the most recent 12-month period.

How the average payment plan works
  • Your monthly bill is based on the average of your prior 12 months' usage.
  • The average is adjusted each month to reflect actual usage.
  • The amount due may vary slightly month to month.
  • For example, your January bill will be the average of your energy costs from February last year through January this year.
  • The ideal time to enroll is during the winter months, when bills are typically their lowest. This gives you time to build up a credit to offset your higher summer bills.
  • Participation in the average payment plan is free.
If you move and don't have a 12-month history
  • The average payment plan is based on the prior 12 months of usage at the service address.
  • The average will be estimated if there is less than 12 months' usage history.  
When service is disconnected
  • You are responsible for closing out the account and paying the difference between the actual cost of energy used and payments made.
Settlement balance
  • The difference between the amount of service used and the amount billed goes into a settlement account.
  • Evergy reviews the settlement balance annually in October. If applicable, we adjust the average payment plan amount to bring the settlement balance closer to zero. If you used more energy than you paid for, your monthly bill will be adjusted up over the next 12 months to include the difference. If you used less, you’ll pay less.
  • Weather, price, and usage fluctuations can impact your monthly bill. Monitor your settlement balance on every bill.