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It means “To the stars through difficulties.” Watch how the Kansas state motto has become the inspiration for people all over our state to move Kansas forward.


Moving Kansas Forward. Together.

Westar Energy is a power company. But we’re also Kansans who work every day to create a stronger future for our state. We provide electricity to nearly 700,000 Kansans to help power their lives, charge the technology that drives innovation and empower them to build a better state for everyone.

That’s how we move Kansas forward, but we know that others all across our state are out there doing it in their own way. We share their passion, and we think their stories are just as important to tell. So we want to share what they’re doing and hear from you about the people in your community who move Kansas forward.

pushing kansas forward

How Westar helps move Kansas forward.

Uncover the real value of the electricity that Westar Energy provides.

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film series

Watch the Imagine Kansas Short Film Series.

See how Kansans are working to create a better future in ways both large and small.

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social feed

Join the #ImagineKansas conversation.

Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter using #ImagineKansas.

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