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Renewable options for your business needs.

Ask an expertRenewable energy options can be an important part of your future growth and sustainability. We are proud to partner with you to meet your goals for incorporating renewable energy into your business plan.

Westar Energy currently has several options that can boost your commitment to renewable energy practices. With your participation in any of these programs, we provide you with the necessary documentation showing your commitment to renewable energy.

Take a few minutes to review these summaries of Westar’s renewable energy options. If you would like to participate in any of them, learn more about them or have questions, let us know.

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RENEW - Renewable Energy Program

A simple and affordable way to increase your renewable commitment beyond the level that is already part of Westar’s energy service to you. Decide the additional portion of your energy that you would like to be served from renewable resources and pay a little extra each month.

  • Stable price of $.0025 per kWh.
  • Sold as a percentage of energy or a fixed amount each month.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are certified and provided to customers.
  • For large, lump sum orders, you can purchase RECs directly from Westar at an agreed upon market-based price.
Renewables Direct 

Westar is able to provide your renewable energy needs directly from the source. By partnering with Westar’s Renewables Direct program, you not only receive the fixed-cost benefits of renewable energy, you become a partner in a windfarm.

  • Minimum of 500 kW increments up to 2,000 kW, and then in 1,000 kW with the length of the commitment dependent on each project.
  • Guaranteed fixed rate for entire term.
  • Program participants are active partners in the wind farm supplying the renewable energy.
  • Wind energy charged monthly at fixed rate, replacing the standard fuel charge.
  • Remaining kWhs charged at standard quarterly fuel charge.
  • Large power users (over 5 MW) also have the option of selling wind production into the market.
Solar Power

You do not need ideal roof space or large tracts of property to purchase solar energy. By partnering with Westar on Community Solar, we handle all of the siting, installation, and maintenance logistics. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee or a fixed rate for production from a portion of the solar garden that is dedicated to you. As an added benefit, you, or your business, can move anywhere within Westar’s service territory and still take the solar energy with you.

  • Available to all customers being served by Westar.
  • Sold in 1 kW increments with a five to twenty-year commitment required.
  • Guaranteed fixed rate for entire term.
  • Solar energy charged monthly at fixed kW or kWh rate.
  • Energy use is reduced by the amount of energy produced on your subscribed portion of Community Solar .

Learn more about Community Solar for Business

Your partner in renewable energy.

Whether you are applying for specific certification, or just want to decrease your carbon footprint, we are proud to acknowledge your participation in any of our renewable energy programs.

Westar will provide you with an annual acknowledgment letter detailing the number of Green-e certified RECs you purchased through the RENEW, wind, or solar program. We will also collaborate on marketing opportunities to celebrate your renewable commitment, which may include news releases, plaques, and signage at the applicable renewable generation facility.

We are proud to partner with you in reaching your renewable goals. Our commitment to renewable resources is a great way for you to better your business.