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Community Solar for Business

Community Solar for BusinessesNo rooftop required! Community Solar from Westar Energy is the perfect way to increase the use of solar in Kansas and bring it to all Kansas homes, businesses and communities, without having the hassles and costs of installing panels on your roof. You can commit to as much, or as little, of your monthly energy being provided by solar power at a fixed rate, without having any effect on those who choose not to participate.

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Key Benefits
  • Increase the use of solar in Kansas and helps reduce our carbon footprint.
  • No rooftops required – Great for renters, condo owners and those customers whose rooftops are shaded by trees or nearby buildings or are more than five years old.
  • Price stability – Usage-related charges for your solar power will remain the same for the 20-year life of the program. To enroll, you must commit to a minimum of five years.
  • Transfers – if you move within Westar's service territory, your subscription moves with you to your new address.
  • You can commit to the amount that is right for you, in shares of 1kW (or about 15% of the average residential customer use).
  • The location will be in the Westar service territory and will be determined at the end of the sign-up period.

How does it work?

If supporting renewable energy is important to you and you would like price stability on your electric bill, Community Solar from Westar offers an easy way to do just that. Regardless of where you live or your business is located, you can participate. You choose how much of your monthly energy will be produced by solar power. When you enroll in the program, you commit to participate for a minimum of five years. Your usage-related charges for the solar energy will be fixed for up to 20 years and will never go up. The overall impact to an average monthly residential bill will be about a $10 increase per share.  

Additional information is located on our Community Solar FAQ page.


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Login Now and enroll in Community Solar

 Don't have a web account? No problem, use this link to sign up.