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Ask an expertThe power grid

It is the world's largest machine: the power grid that delivers energy to you.

At our power plants, we work to produce the power that fuels your home or business. The power grid does the rest of the work, bringing that power to you safely and reliably.

The power grid is a complex machine composed of power plants and transformers connected by over 450,000 miles of transmission lines. It provides you with reliable electricity 24/7. Westar’s portion of the power grid covers more than 35,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines.

It’s more than that, though…

The power grid is much more than electricity delivery.

Nearly everyone relies on the power grid to provide energy – even people who generate their own electricity. For example, if someone uses solar panels on their homes, the power grid provides energy at night or when it is not sunny. It also allows for solar panels to send energy back to the power grid when the panels produce more electricity than is being used.

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