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Westar Wind Additional Benefits

Besides sustainability, affordability and flexibility, supporting renewable energy through Westar Wind brings other important benefits. When you do your part for Kansas, it helps in more ways than you might expect.

Support the Local Economy

Your commitment to the Westar Wind program helps support the use and development of renewable energy sources within Kansas. This additional financial support helps make renewable generators more cost-competitive and encourages further production of renewable energy.

Buying Renewable Energy Can Help Your Business

Purchasing renewable energy can help your company meet environmental objectives (for example, by reducing emissions) and can help improve your brand with customers, employees, and the local community by showing you are concerned enough about improving the environment to participate in a voluntary program.

Improve the Environment

Numerous environmental benefits are associated with renewable energy generation, including the preservation of fossil fuels and the reduction of emissions. For more information, visit U.S. EPA Green Power.

Your Purchase Counts

Green-e Certified ProgramWestar agrees to generate or purchase energy from renewable sources and/or purchase renewable energy credits in an amount at least equal to the level of service purchased by participants in Westar Wind over the term of their commitment.

Westar Wind is a Green-e certified program. Green‑e Energy is the nation’s leading certification program for renewable energy. For nearly two decades, Green‑e Energy has provided oversight for voluntary renewable energy transactions in North America.

Being green has never been more affordable.

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Westar Wind is Green-e Energy certified, and meets environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

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