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Atchison Electric Reliability Project

As part of ongoing improvements in the Atchison area, Westar Energy will rebuild the transmission line along Park Street between 4th and 11th Streets. In order to upgrade this line, a temporary transmission line is needed to redirect the existing power supply. To minimize the impact of the temporary transmission line, project representatives chose the shortest, most direct path.

The temporary line will be built along Spring Street between 4th and 11th Streets. It will be built almost entirely in the existing road right-of-way and will be in service for less than a year. Once the 69 kV temporary transmission line is in service, the existing 69 kV transmission line along Park Street will be rebuilt and upgraded to a double-circuit 115 kV line. We are also building a new substation and lower voltage distribution lines in the area. A map of the line routes and substation site is below. The project is part of a $50 million investment in the city of Atchison.

Project Benefits
  • Improve electric system reliability overall
  • Provide more consistent power for residents and businesses
  • Enable economic growth

‚ÄčAbout the Temporary Line
  • Single-circuit 69 kV line
  • Single, wood poles
  • Average length between poles – 200 ft.
  • Average structure height – 80 ft.
  • Structure diameter at base – 18-24 in.
  • Some guyed structures - Steel cables anchored into the ground to increase stability
About the Permanent Line
  • Double-circuit 115 kV line
  • Single, galvanized steel poles
  • Aim to keep height comparable to current (approximately 85 ft)
  • Structures will be placed where existing poles are when possible
Keeping You Informed

We thank you for your interest in the project. Chris Deffenbaugh is available to help you as your dedicated Westar representative for this project. You may reach him at (913) 210-5182, by email at or by mail at
Chris Deffenbaugh
Atchison Reliability Project
9400 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64114.


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