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Text alerts

Stay connected, stay informed. Westar offers free text messaging alerts, if you want to receive information about your outage status, monthly bill or energy spending. You must have an online account, and current cell phone number on file in order to participate. There are three types of alerts you can receive:

Types of text alerts
Outage alerts
Billing alerts
Budget alerts
Report and track an outage from your mobile device. Once an outage is reported you can choose to receive updates.  Set your own bill reminders each month, so you don't forget to pay your monthly bill.
Make monthly energy goals, and receive alerts when you've reached 75%, 90% and exceeded your goal.

Learn more and how to sign up below.

Outage alerts

Stay up to date with outage alerts. Outage alerts allow you to report an outage by text, and you can also elect to receive proactive outage alerts. If an outage is reported on your circuit, you will receive a text letting you know that your power may be out. If you have a Smart Meter, you will receive a message after 20 minutes from when the meter stops communicating.

How to sign up for outage alerts

Sign up for outage texts by sending the short code REG to 97827. This will register you for text messages. Once registered, you will receive information for future outages in your area as well. If your power goes out, or you want to check the status of your outage, you can text the following commands to Westar at 97827. 

  • REG- Register for text messaging. Once registered, you will remain registered for future outages in their area
  • STOP- Unregister to stop receiving outage texts from Westar
  • OUT- Report an outage
  • STAT- Get current status of an outage 
  • HELP- General Help 
Billing alerts

Manage your account more easily with billing alerts. Set reminders to pay your bill, and when your account nears that date you will be notified. Bill alerts help make paying bills less of a stress. Set up billing alerts by changing your preferences on the My Westar page. You can get more information on how to do that below.

Budget alerts

Keep on track with your financial goals by setting up budget alerts. Make goals for how much you would like to spend on your energy bill each month. Receive text alerts when you’ve reached 75%, 90%, and exceeded your goal. Budget alerts are an easy way to monitor your energy usage and spending. Set up for budget alerts by changing your preferences on the My Westar page. You can get more information on how to do that below.

How to sign up or change your preferences

If you are logged into your online Westar Energy account, you will simply need to visit the "Communication Preferences" section found under "My Profile." You can access "My Profile" at the top of the screen where you see your name. If you are not logged in to your online account, you can do so by clicking here.

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