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Download your bills and usage as a CSV file

How it works

Through MyWestar you can download your bills and usage details as a CSV file.

Download your bill as CSV

Step 1: 

Log in to your Westar Energy account.

Step 2: 

Under the View and pay my bill page, click the Download Bill (CSV) button.

Step 3:

With most browsers, your file will automatically download. The file will appear in your browser's default download folder.

See the short tutorial below for more information.

How do I read the CSV file?

You can download the following help files that explain what is in each cell of the spreadsheet. 

Group Bill CSV help

Multi-Meter CSV help

Large Customer, Residential and Religious Time Of Use Customer CSV help

Single Meter CSV help

What is a CSV file?

CSV stands for comma separated values. The individual pieces of information separated by commas.

How to open a CSV file

CSV files should be opened in a spreadsheet program. You can open a CSV file in a word processor but it won't be formatted in an easy to read fashion. 

If you don't have spreadsheet software on your computer, there are some free options available online such as Google Docs.