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Downed Power line safety

(Photograph: Westar uses a "hot trailer" to demonstrate power line safety)

It is possible for a power line to come down during certain events like severe storms or vehicle or construction equipment accidents. Outages caused by downed power lines can be extended due to safety issues and often affect a large number of customers.

Don't stick around downed power lines

  • If a power line is down, call 911 and Westar at 800-383-1183 as soon as possible.
  • Don’t touch the line; always assume it is live.
  • Don’t try to rescue someone touching a downed line; you could likely be injured, too.

Traffic Accident Safety

Downed power lines should always be treated as they are energized. Having an energized power line fall on your car puts you at risk of being electrocuted. The following steps could save your life:

  • Stay in the car if possible. When you are in the car, you are not part of electricity’s path to ground.
  • Call 911. Wait until Westar arrives to turn off power and tells you it is safe to leave the vehicle.
  • If you must exit the vehicle because of fire or other danger, jump away from the vehicle so that no part of you touches the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  • If people come near the vehicle, warn them to stay far away.
  • If you come upon an accident with downed power lines, be cognizant of keeping yourself and people away until emergency personnel secure the area.
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