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Economic development

Kansas offers abundant natural resources, affordable land and hard-working people. Kansas provides cultural, topographical and recreational diversity, as well as excellent educational resources.

Kansas is the home of Westar Energy

Westar Energy is the largest electric utility in the state. We offer competitive regional electric rates that are below the national average.

No place offers a more productive work force

Kansas is a right-to-work state and its workers are known for their strong work ethic and high productivity. The state ranks second in the nation in human resources education and skill levels. The high school graduation rate in Kansas is more than 80 percent.

Operating costs and cost of living

Kansas has the 8th lowest average cost of living in the United States. The construction cost index is 15 percent less than the national average. Industrial land prices and rent in Kansas cities are lower than almost every city in the 126 top markets.

No energy like our energy

Westar Energy has the capacity to produce nearly 7,200 megawatts of electric energy. Our diverse fuel mix helps to protect customers from spikes in individual energy markets.

You're invited to visit

Kansas and Westar Energy offers your business the advantages you need to compete in today’s marketplace -- efficient and economical transportation, tax incentives, reliable energy sources, an educated and hard-working labor force, state-of-the-art telecommunications links, proximity to a network of suppliers and much more.

Come and see what Kansas has to offer your business. Contact us, and we will provide confidential site selection assistance, energy studies and cost comparisons. We are ready to assist and make contacts with local chambers of commerce, state economic development organizations, transportation companies and others.

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