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Electric solutions for business

Experience the benefits of electric power for your business, whether it be for warehouse equipment or your on-road or off-road fleet. Forklifts, tractors and delivery vehicles are only some of the many vehicles that can be electrified to provide quiet, low-emission power at your workplace. 

Benefits and considerations of electric fleets

  • Using electricity as the source or propulsion means on-site fuel is unnecessary, eliminating a potential safety hazard.
  • Zero-emission electric vehicles mean a cleaner and healthier workplace for your employees. 
  • Quiet electric vehicles make communication easier on site, which increases safety and efficiency. They also contribute to a more pleasant working environment. 
  • Without the many components of an internal combustion engine, there are fewer parts to fail. 
  • Time doesn't have to be spent on refueling vehicles or changing fuel canisters. 
  • With the cost of electricity, the average electric vehicle can be charged on $1 per day, which is considerably less than normal internal combustion engine fuel costs. 
  • Electric fleets require regular charging. With day-time shifts, this can be accomplished at night. For companies with 24-hour operations, charging is consciously scheduled into the work day to maximize use of vehicles. 
  • While battery costs are decreasing, the replacement of the battery on an EV is more expensive than that of a traditional vehicle. Standard EV battery warranties are 8 years/100,000 miles. 
Questions to consider as you design your EV fleet and choose the best charging equipment for your company's needs
  • How large is the fleet? 
  • Will you convert all at once? 
  • How many shifts do you have? How much time is between each shift? 
  • What processes will need to be put in place to ensure charging opportunities are maximized? 


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