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Electric forklift fuel savings

Electric vehicles (EV) provide many benefits to organizations, including cleaner air in the workplace, decreased noise, increased safety, and less maintenance. Forklifts are no different. A key component of the decision to go electric is the cost of the investment over its lifetime. Use the calculator below to calculate savings.

Forklift cost calculator

Enter your fuel costs and hours of usage to compare costs. An example of the calculator is shown below.

Forklift Calculator Sample 

Key benefits of electric forklifts to our customers include:
  • Zero emission electric vehicles mean a cleaner and healthier workplace for employees, and a cleaner environment for everyone. 
  • Using electricity as the source of power means on-site fuel is unnecessary, eliminating a potential safety hazard.
  • Quiet electric forklifts make communication easier on site which increases safety and efficiency.  They also contributes to a more pleasant working environment.  
  • Without the many components of an internal combustion engine there are less parts to fail leading to significant maintenance savings.
  • No cumbersome refueling methods and components, simply plug your forklift in to recharge. Injuries related to changing heavy fuel canisters can also be avoided.
  • With the low cost of electricity, customers quickly see savings on their investment.

If you have questions or would like more information, please email us.

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