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Energy dashboard

If you've received a meter upgrade, all you need is an online account to start managing your energy usage online today. Your Westar Energy account number and a valid email address are all you need to register a Westar Energy online account.

We've put together a brief summary of what your new meter is and how it works.

Dashboard overview

  • View a snapshot of your home's energy - The dashboard allows you to quickly see your current usage and energy costs. Get a projection of your monthly bill and compare current usage to your previous usage.
  • Know how much you're spending - View your energy costs by month, day or even in 15-minute increments to get a better idea of how you can save energy.
  • Stay-informed text or email - Receive comprehensive weekly and monthly summary reports that recap your energy usage. Set alerts that notify you when your bill reaches a preset amount.
  • Understand your usage with enhanced information from your meter upgrade.
  • Energy usage - The Dashboard provides cost and usage and for the previous day in 15-minute increments, as well as in month-to-date data, historical data and previous billing periods, all capsulized in weekly email summary reports.
  • Outage reporting - Upgraded meters let Westar know when there's an outage. Before, our computers made assumptions to determine why outages were caused and how many customers were affected. Now we're able to pinpoint outages - house by house - to restore power more quickly. Just to make sure, we still encourage you to call us when your power is out.
  • Energy alerts - Sign up for alerts that notify you by text or email when your bill has reached a predetermined amount set by you.
  • Summary emails - When your upgraded meter is installed, you will begin receiving weekly and monthly summary emails that show how much you're spending and help you understand your daily energy use.
  • Future compatibility - Upgraded meters support emerging technology that may provide more choices and tools for you to manage your energy use. 

Dashboard frequently asked questions

Q. What is the AMI/digital meter upgrade?

A. In an effort to upgrade our metering equipment we are exchanging meters within the Westar service territory. The upgraded meter is equipped with two-way communication that is part of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This metering technology has been in use around the country and world for over a decade. It can improve customer service by enabling us to respond faster to outages and service requests. Customers will receive information to better understand their energy use, enroll in budget alerts and have the opportunity to participate in voluntary customer programs.

Q. What are the benefits of the new Dashboard now and in the not-too-distant future?

A. The Energy Dashboard provides insight into current costs and usage information down to 15-minute increments. When you log in for the first time, you will begin receiving weekly and monthly email summaries of your Dashboard. You can also sign up to receive text and email alerts regarding budget and usage spikes.

Q. What is a smart grid?

A. Smart grid technology is a state-of-the-art upgrade managing electricity systems. Adding digital technologies ties together the pieces of an electric system, resulting in better reliability and improved efficiencies. It also provides more detailed energy usage information to customers. The smart grid enables you to monitor your daily energy use and cost information, in order to better understand your electric bill and usage behavior. It will also allow the introduction of a number of new programs and services for the customer. Smart grid technology also enables customers to start, stop and transfer service without the need for a service person to visit their home, which greatly reduces the time to complete the request.

Q. Is the meter safe?

A. Each meter is inspected according to American National Standards Institute safety standards to ensure it meets or exceeds those standards.

Q. Do I pay for the digital meter?

A. No. The installation and the use of the dashboard are included in your service at no additional charge.

Q. Does this meter control items/appliances in my home?

A. No. Just like the meter on your home or business before, the upgraded meter only measures the amount of electricity usage for the entire home.

Q. Will Westar control my usage?

No. Just like the meter on your home or business before, the new digital meter only measures the amount of electrical usage for the entire home. The new meter does improve Westar's ability to offer voluntary programs that can help customers better manage their electric service and usage. Customers can choose if they want to participate.

Q. Does this control my air conditioning unit?

A. No. The upgraded digital meter only measures whole-house electrical usage. The WattSaver Thermostat is a completely separate voluntary program with which customers can help reduce their peak demand. Contact the WattSaver hotline at 1.888.753.6523 for more details.

Q. Do I get a different rate for having the new meter?

A. Your Westar rate remains the same. The digital meter will make energy use and cost information available to you online if you have interest. The new digital meter upgrade provides the foundation for customers to have additional choices for rate plans and payment structures that we are unable to offer with the existing technology.

Q. What if I am not home during the installation?

A. If no one is home, a Westar Energy employee will leave an informational pamphlet on your door and install the upgraded meter.

Q. How long does the installation take? Will I be without power? How long?

A. The typical installation will take about 10 minutes. You will be without electricity for only 3-4 minutes. In certain situations, installation may take longer due to the age of the previous meter or other equipment issues.

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