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Environment overview

As proud Kansans, we don't take our environmental stewardship lightly. We want to ensure that natural Kansas beauty is around for decades to come.

Environmental issues and compliance are front and center in the world today and have had that status at Westar for a long time. We work closely with federal, state and local environmental agencies to help us make the best environmentally friendly operation choices possible. We deal with existing and proposed environmental requirements daily, always searching for a balanced approach.

We have invested in a variety of programs to preserve the quality of the air, land and water on and around our properties. These innovative, award-winning projects aid Westar Energy in complying with the Clean Air Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and other environmental requirements.

We have incurred and will continue to incur significant capital and other expenditures to comply with environmental laws and regulations. Westar recovers this investment through the environmental cost recovery rider (ECRR), which, in comparison to a general rate review, reduces the amount of time it takes to collect costs associated with qualifying environmental improvements. It also means customers see a gradual increase in rates instead of sharp increases every few years. 

Improving air quality

We have decreased sulfur dioxide emissions by about 90 percent since 2005. 

We have decreased nitrogen oxide emissions by about 70 percent since 2005.

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