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Westar Wind Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

Green-e Certified ProgramWestar Wind is a Green-e certified program. Green‑e Energy is the nation’s leading certification program for renewable energy. For nearly two decades, Green‑e Energy has provided oversight for voluntary renewable energy transactions in North America. (See Westar Energy’s 2017-2018 Product Content Label.)

  • Westar customers can purchase renewable energy for an additional $0.0025/ kWh for as little as 1%, or up to 100% of their electric usage.
  • Customers can cancel anytime after 30 days.

Renewable Energy is available to customers participating in this voluntary renewable energy program offered by Westar. Customer's enrollment will continue unless terminated by the customer or by the Company upon 30 days' notice.


This offer is applicable to any customer using electric service supplied at one point of delivery. Please note that backup, breakdown, stand-by, supplemental, short term, resale, or shared electric services are not available under this rate schedule.

Impact on your Monthly Bill

The monthly bill for the average residential customer would only increase by about 25¢ per month for a 10% purchase of renewable energy.

Westar Wind Charges are in addition to the charges in the Monthly Bill section of the applicable Rate Schedule under which the customer takes electric service.

Sustainability Program Option for Businesses

The Sustainability Program Option is available to Westar customers with proper certification.

Additionally, Westar will reduce the Renewable Energy Charge shown above for customers obtaining Silver, Gold, or Platinum LEED certification from the US Green Building Council.

Westar may also reduce the Renewable Energy Charge based on the customer's commitment to sustainable energy initiatives through participation in other local or state sustainability initiatives, as indicated below. The reduction to the standard Renewable Energy Charge shall not exceed 30%.

Discount Commitment to Sustainability % Discount on Renewable Energy Charge
A Silver LEED Accreditation 8%
B Gold LEED Accreditation 16%
C Platinum LEED Accreditation 24%
D Other local or state sustainability initiatives
Example: A building that is Gold Accredited and participates locally in a sustainability initiative could get a 22% discount (16% + 6% = 22%).
Definitions and Conditions
  1. Renewable Energy, as used in this rate schedule, shall mean electricity that is generated using renewable energy resources as defined in K.S.A. 66-1257 (f)1-11. A commitment to sustainable energy initiatives means implementation by individual large commercial and industrial customers of programs that are recognized by the utility industry and government as having an elevated level of commitment to our environment, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.
  2. Renewable Energy and renewable energy credits utilized under the Renewable Energy Program Rider cannot be used by the Company to comply with the State's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 66-1258, and amendments thereto, as well as the resulting Kansas Administrative Regulations.
  3. Renewable Energy shall be limited to the sum of (a) generation produced by Company-owned renewable sources, (b) outside renewable sources available to the Company and (c) renewable energy credits purchased by the Company at a cost below the level of the Renewable Energy Charge (or discounted Renewable Energy Charge, if applicable). Service under this Renewable Energy Program Rider may be limited at the sole discretion of the Company to such available resources. Westar has not and will not acquire new owned or outside renewable generation resources for the sole purpose of providing service under this Renewable Energy Program Rider. The renewable energy resources utilized in this program consist of the same renewable resources the costs of which are currently being recovered in rates. Participants in this program elect to provide this additional financial support of renewable resources to motivate renewable resource development.

Westar Renewable Energy Program Rider 

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Westar Wind is Green-e Energy certified, and meets environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at