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Home services from Westar Energy

Protection and repair plans

There's never a good time for something to break at home. Whether it's as simple as a blown circuit or as serious as damage to the exterior line or hardware, you want it repaired or replaced fast - and you want the job done right. 

Westar provides you with a simple and easy way to deal with home repair of electrical lines, so that all you need to do is make one call for fast and reliable emergency repair services. 

Low monthly rates are available for the following coverage plans:
  • Exterior Electrical Line Coverage for $4.99/mo.
  • Interior Electrical Line Coverage for $4.99/mo.
  • Interior Electrical Plus Coverage for $5.99/mo.
  • Electrical Surge Coverage for $5.99/mo. (currently available to renters only)
  • Residential Electrical Line Coverage for $9.98/mo
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement for $7.99/mo
  • Electrical Line Coverage for Small Businesses for $14.99/mo
  • Check back for additional coverage plans in the coming weeks

Frequently asked questions

What is Home Services from Westar Energy?

Home Services is a group of optional premium home repair and coverage plans that provide customers with protection against costly repairs to both external and internal electrical lines and components.

What elements of my above ground exterior electric service am I responsible for?

This simple diagram can help you understand your home’s overhead service.

How can I tell if I am responsible for my home’s underground service?

These simple diagrams can help you understand your home’s underground service.  If you have direct buried, your home will have a junction box below the meter can.

How can I tell if I have service rated less than 80 amps?

Your electric meter would not have a meter can around it.

Have any other utilities offered the same coverage plans to their customers?

Yes, the coverage plans included within Home Services are offered by HomeServe in partnership with other regional electric utilities, and have resulted in positive customer feedback.

Do these services cost anything extra?

Yes, for a low monthly fee, Home Services provides premium services to customers who choose to participate. The fees vary according to the coverage plan(s) selected.

Where can I learn more about the coverage plans from Westar?

Visit or call HomeServe at 844-219-9213 to learn more.

How do I sign-up?

Visit or call HomeServe at 844-219-9213 to sign up.

Will this charge be added to my electric bill?

No, customer payments are processed through various options offered by HomeServe, the billing company.

Who is HomeServe?

HomeServe is an independent provider of home repair service plans. For over a decade, HomeServe has protected millions of homeowners across the globe against untimely expenses associated with electric and other home repairs by providing affordable coverage and quality service.

Is this program subsidized by Westar Energy customers?

No, the expenses associated with Home Services from Westar Energy are not recovered from Westar Energy ratepayers. Westar Energy electric service customers do not subsidize any portion of Home Services program expenditures. Home Services from Westar Energy are provided as an option to customers and are paid for only by customers who choose to initiate a premium coverage plan. Home Services from Westar Energy are not regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission.

Who is eligible to purchase a coverage plan?

Home Services from Westar Energy coverage plans make sense for customers who are responsible for the expenses associated with the care and upkeep of their home.

Which small business customers are eligible to participate?

Westar small business customers with typical energy consumption of 5,000 kWh or less per month will be eligible for coverage.

How do I cancel my plan?

Visit or call HomeServe at 844-219-9213 in order to cancel coverage.

I would like to speak with Westar more in detail about Home Services. How do I reach the appropriate Westar contact?

Please contact the Home Services from Westar Energy program manager directly at

If you need to file a claim related to property damage done by Westar Energy, please visit our file a claim page.

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