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Natural gas generating facilities

For more than 100 years, Westar Energy's generating facilities have worked around the clock to provide Kansans with the safe, reliable electricity needed to power their homes and businesses. All day, every day, our team of dedicated professionals generates and delivers electricity, protects the environment and provides excellent service to our nearly 700,000 customers.

Moment by moment, year by year, and decade by decade, Westar gauges energy production against consumption. From the construction of the Wichita Generating Plant in 1910 to the commissioning of Emporia Energy Center in 2008, our goal has been to balance the energy we generate and customers need, while preserving the environment and keeping customer costs to a minimum.

Since the early days of generation at Westar, we have sought to keep customers’ costs low by maintaining flexibility. Several of our generating facilities can be powered from more than one fuel source. Today, new energy sources provide environmentally friendly, low-cost energy. Along with traditional energy sources like nuclear, coal, oil and gas, we now employ wind, landfill gas and solar energy every day to meet our customers’ energy needs. This flexible approach balances customer costs with available resources and environmental concerns.

Westar's generation team
  • Operates eight strategically located energy centers that keep electric rates low and benefit our state's economy.
  • Generates more than 25,000,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year.
  • Maintains more than 6,000 megawatts of generating equipment to serve our nearly 700,000 customers.
  • Has been nationally recognized for excellence in reliability, predictive maintenance and safety.

Emporia Energy Center

Emporia Energy Center is a 645 megawatt natural gas plant located in Emporia, Kansas.

Emporia Energy Center facts
  • Westar's newest power plant, placed in service in 2008
  • Seven simple cycle turbines fueled by clean-burning natural gas.
  • Power Engineering Magazine and PennWell Corporation named Emporia Energy Center as a finalist for "Project of the Year" in 2009.
  • Project construction finished two months ahead of schedule and more than $10 million under budget.

Gordon Evans Energy Center

Gordon Evans Energy Center is a 822 megawatt natural gas plant located in Colwich, Kansas.

Gordon Evans Energy Center facts
  • Commissioned in 1961, has served Kansans with convenient, low-cost electricity for more than 50 years.
  • Fueled by natural gas
  • OSHA VPP Star designated since 2008.

Hutchinson Energy Center

Hutchinson Energy Center is a 231 megawatt natural gas plant located in Hutchinson, Kansas. 

Hutchinson Energy Center facts
  • First commissioned in 1950.
  • Fueled by natural gas.
  • Westar donated 200 acres of land for the Westar Prairie Ridge Park Cross Country Course - a 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) course. Course is lined by wild prairie grass and natural inclines.

Murray Gill Energy Center

Murray Gill Energy Center is a 190 megawatt natural gas plant located in southwest Wichita, Kansas. 

Murray Gill Energy Center facts

Spring Creek Energy Center

Spring Creek Energy Center is a 273 megawatt natural gas plant located in Logan Co., Oklahoma.

Spring Creek Energy Center facts
  • Plant commissioned in 2001.
  • Fueled by natural gas.
  • The purchase of Spring Creek in 2006 provides a less expensive alternative for customers than if Westar were to construct a new facility.

State Line Combined Cycle Plant

State Line combined cycle plant is a 488 megawatt natural gas plant located in Joplin, Missouri. 

State Line combined cycle plant facts
  • Plant commissioned in 2001.
  • Westar Energy owns 40 percent. Empire District owns 60 percent.
  • Fueled by natural gas.
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