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Westar safety practices

(Photograph: A Westar employee practices the hurt man rescue. Employees routinely practice different safety scenarios.)

Believe It - Expect It - Live It

There's a buzz going around Westar Energy. We have thrown out the figures when it comes to safety. Our safety target is zero accidents - Zero Today - Zero Tomorrow.

At Westar Energy, we believe safety comes first. Dealing with electricity can be dangerous. Being safe 99.9 percent of the time isn't good enough. Our goal is zero injuries and every employee returning safely home at the end of the work day.

We encourage you to become a partner in safety with us. Please take the time to learn more about our safety tips, and please contact us in a dangerous electrical situation.

How to identify Westar Employees


All Westar Energy employees carry company identification. Many employees also wear clothing and/or caps bearing the Westar Energy logo and may drive vehicles bearing the company logo. When in doubt, ask to see Westar Energy employee identification. If someone appears suspicious, please contact us or call local law enforcement. Westar Energy trucks will have a company logo. Some of our vehicles contain the Safety Watch logo.

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