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Power Supply Services

Westar Energy is pleased to provide several power supply services for wholesale customers. These services help meet the needs of Kansas wholesale municipalities and rural electric cooperatives. 

Please contact Bill Birnel, 785-575-6454, to explore how our wholesale products and service could benefit you. 


  • Generation formula based-rate-full requirement customers
  • Unit participation
  • Units most likely
  • Generation buy-back power purchase agreement (PPA)


  • Energy audits
  • Conservation programs
  • Rate analysis

Generation Formula Annual Update

Every year, Westar Energy will provide an update to the Demand and Variable O & M charges under the Generation Formula Based Rate Contract. The following documents contain the information relating to the rate that will be in effect for the time period of June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. 

Generation Formula Rates

In order to properly read the attached file:

Open Excel > Click on the "Tools" dropdown > Click "Add-ins" > Check the "Analysis Toolpak" box and click OK. You will then be able to see the rate when you download the file. 

Generation Formula Rate Year End 2018

Generation Formula Rate Year End 2018 Rate Filing Arma

Load reports and FERC forms

Load and Capability Report 2018

2018 FERC Form 1 KGE

2018 FERC Form 1 Westar Inc.

2018 Support Documentation Adjustments

Conservation Programs

Do you have questions concerning energy efficient equipment, new innovations in lighting or expert advice on facilities' energy conservation programs?

We understand that energy is critical to your operation and that finding efficiency in buildings and equipment is key to your success. Our staff can help you find the best application for your operation. We are dedicated to handling electric energy questions and concerns for businesses like yours.

Rate Analysis

Do you have questions concerning your energy bill? At Westar Energy we have dedicated people ready to help you with bill analysis. We will take the time to answer your questions and assist you with issues and concerns.

Electric rates can at times be confusing. Our experts are available for consumption analysis, demand and energy consultation. We will take a comprehensive look at your energy use.

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