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Go EV! Your electric vehicle journey begins here.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are affordable, reliable, inexpensive to fuel, and fun to drive. Here are four of the top reasons to purchase an EV.

  • Garage ready - Your garage is EV Ready! The standard 120v outlet in your home supports most home charging requirements with no additional investment needed.
  • Oil independence - Electric vehicles in all electric mode run on a 100% domestically produced energy source, electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly - Electric vehicles in all electric mode produce zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. In addition, Westar ensures that all electric vehicles purchased in Kansas from October, 2017 through December, 2018 are powered with carbon-free, locally generated wind energy for the first three years of driving. Learn more in our EV FAQ.
  • Value for the money - EVs require less maintenance, and cost less to fuel compared to convention gasoline powered vehicles.

Four steps in preparing to own an electric vehicle.

1. Discover which type of EV will best fit your needs.

  • Battery electric/ All electric vehicle (BEV/AEV)- Run solely on electricity. They generally have larger ranges than PHEVs.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)- PHEVS can run on electricity only or a combination of gas and electric. Miles of range are generally lower than BEVs, but many miles are added via the use of gasoline.

2. Determine your charging level needs. There are two levels of home charging available today. It is important to note that charging time is dependent on many factors including charging level, battery capacity, range driven, and more.

  • Level 1 (120v) utilizes the common outlet found in your home. Level 1 is a slow, steady charge. In general, 40 miles of range per day is the threshold for practical overnight charging. Every EV comes equipped with a manufacturer provided 120v charging cord. Simply drive your car home and plug into your garage.
  • Level 2 (240v) utilizes another commonly found outlet in your home, the same used for an electric dryer, and allows you to charge your vehicle in a shorter amount of time. While level 2 requires additional investment, some manufacturers will allow you to finance level 2 charging equipment with your vehicle purchase.
  • In addition to home charging, DC fast charge is available on a limited basis in public areas only. Not all vehicles are designed to handle DC fast charge.

3. Contact your local dealership to find and test drive your perfect EV.

4. Enjoy your new electric vehicle and plug in to your garage!

Drive green, charge clean.

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you are probably aware of the many benefits of owning and operating your vehicle. At Westar Energy, we are excited to tell you about another benefit that you probably didn’t know about.

Beginning in 2018, Westar Energy owned and operated EV charging stations are fueling EVs with 100% clean energy. We didn’t hook a wind turbine or solar panel up to them, but we did the next best thing. Each year, we purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs) equal to the amount of energy used by these charging stations over the course of a year. To learn more about how REC’s work, click here.

As of early 2018, we have only a handful of public charging stations across our service territory. Today, many of our public charging stations are in downtown Wichita and Topeka. However, by the end of 2018 we will add close to 40 additional public charging stations in different locations across our service territory. For an interactive map of all public locations across the state, click here.

Are you a Kansas auto dealership with EVs?

For more information on our free dealer training on electric vehicles, email us here.

Looking for more information?

Visit our electric vehicle FAQ or additional resources.

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