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Transmission maintenance

Maintenance on transmission lines is done regularly by aerial patrol as well as on the ground. You may see our crews or contractors doing this maintenance. These patrols help keep the electric service we provide safe and reliable.

Aerial patrol

Westar contracts with specialized helicopter crews to fly and inspect hundreds of miles of the transmission system. These crews fly designated routes to check that transmission lines are working as designed.

Aerial transmission crews perform routine maintenance on a high-voltage transmission line. 

Aerial inspections

Flights that could be as low as 300 feet above the ground help us find potential problems before they cause a power outage. Flight crew members work with teams on the ground to gather information about transmission lines using several methods, including laser measurement and photography. Thermal tests on transmission structures are also conducted by infrared cameras. Inspections ensure that Westar is meeting North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)

To learn more about how Westar uses UAS technology for inspection and assessment, click here.

Routine pole inspections

If you see one of our crews or contract crews on your property, it could be routine maintenance being performed in your area. Many times, crews must walk the circuit path, so they might walk through fields or places where they can gain access to inspect lines. Westar employees wear clothing such as shirts and caps bearing the Westar logo and will be glad to show company identification if asked. Westar vehicles display the company name and logo.

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