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Westar Energy WattSaver program overview

Since June 2015, Westar has not been adding new participants to the Westar Energy WattSaver program. For current program participants, Westar is continuing to provide replacement service only for the installed WattSaver thermostats at no cost. If it is found that your WattSaver thermostat needs to be replaced, WattSaver services include installing a replacement digital thermostat not part of the Westar Energy WattSaver program. Once a participant’s WattSaver is replaced with another thermostat, the customer is no longer eligible for WattSaver program services, and the thermostat will no longer participate in cycling events.

How the WattSaver program works

On the hottest weekday afternoons from June through September when many customers are using their air conditioners, demands on Westar Energy's system are the highest. At these times, we may cycle participants' central air conditioners or heat pumps in a coordinated effort to reduce energy demand.  

  • During that time, your thermostat will display "SAVINGS," your compressor will operate about 50 percent of its normal run time (e.g. on for 15 minutes, off for 15 minutes), and the system fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home or business.
  • Cycling events will last two to six hours.
  • Cycling events will occur infrequently and only on weekdays - never on weekends or holidays.
  • You always have complete control over how your thermostat is programmed except during cycling events.
  • You can opt out of a cycling event by calling the toll-free WattSaver hotline at 888-753-6523.
  • Your participation in the WattSaver program is voluntary.

WattSaver program benefits

  • Access to troubleshooting via the toll-free customer service line and service visits for replacement of the WattSaver thermostat.
  • Convenience of managing your home's temperature through any computer connected to the Internet via your online WattSaver energy management portal. 
  • Potential to save money, save energy and help the environment. 

Westar Energy WattSaver details and FAQ

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