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Why do we advertise?

People sometimes ask why Westar Energy places advertisements.

If Westar Energy is the only electric company that serves my area, then why spend any money advertising?

Most companies market for competitive reasons – to persuade you to buy their brand or to do business with them. But that isn’t why we advertise. At Westar Energy, we advertise not to compete, but to communicate. Keeping you informed, we believe, is part of the cost of doing business for a good utility company.

Know your electric provider

Some of our marketing is designed to help clear up any remaining confusion about who we are and what we do. If you live in certain parts of our service area, the name of your electric company has changed two or three times in the past 25 years.

When asked to name their electric company, some people still say, “KG&E” or "KPL."  Many also still think we provide their natural gas. And when Westar Energy and Kansas Gas Service discontinue joint billing, there’s the potential for more confusion. Confusion can create opportunity for fraud and scam artists. So one very basic reason we advertise is to make sure you know that Westar Energy is your electric company.

We advertise to let you know new services we provide -- such as enhanced tree trimming and upgraded meters.

We also advertise to help protect the people in the communities we serve. Our “call before you dig” messages are good examples of this kind of advertising. These advertising messages are the most important kind of communication we provide for you. If our ads can prevent even one injury, the cost will have been worth every penny.

So why do we advertise to you? We want to save you some time, trouble and money. We want to keep you safe. 
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